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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pictures, finally. I've been focusing on knitting, and really, have just been far too lazy to charge my camera, find the cord, and take a photo. That's just energy I don't have. Nor did I have the energy to artistically position the scarf to make the photo more interesting.

Current progress of the scarf:

Close up of the cables, which really are the coolest thing ever:

Coach Bentley inspecting the item:

Phew! I've pretty much been knitting non-stop since Thursday afternoon, and I have made immense progress. I'm approaching the end of the third skein, and I have a 3 hour rehearsal today, but as they are working on Act II (which I am dead in) I can just sit and knit!

I've calmed down quite a lot over the casting situation. I'm still pissed, frankly, but I am not going to quit, because that's really not the type of person or actor I am. I'll have fun, I'll do my part to make the show great, and then move on to bigger and better things and when I become successful I'll stick my tongue out at the Evil Director and go "NanananNANA!". I am, however, going to have a frank talk with him, just to get some feedback. I will not be emotional, I will not get angry. I will state my position with maturity and grace.



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