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Monday, February 13, 2006

I'm chugging along on my scarf! It looks great...and I'm not afraid to admit it!

The yarn is great, although it's so soft that it's a bit easy to split. Unfortunately, it turns out that the camel/wool mix does itch my sensitive skin a titch...but I don't care! (Actually I do, it makes me really sad. It's not itchy until it's knit! Why is that?)

So I've done about 9 pattern repeats, and am nearly done with my first skein. Mathmatically speaking, I need to do one skein of yarn every three days to make the goal, and today's the fourth day. But now that I can do the repeats quicker and cable faster, I think I can speed it up. I'm thinking I'll use my extra skein of a mismatched dye lot to put fringe on the ends.

I bought a skein of the Rowan Cashsoft DK for Odessa in a gorgeous sky blue, and I'm super eager to start it after the Olympics.

This is Jolie. I call her Bean. She seems to think she's in Playboy.


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