Little Bitty Knitty

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why does yarn hate me? Why is all the Debbie Bliss yarn for my panta in a big fat freaking knot? Life sucks.

I have now become obsessed with the Irish Hiking Scarf. Guess that'll be the way I learn to cable. I'll experiment with cheap yarn, and once I get uber-good I am so making one in cashmere. Yum.

I really do want to make my mom a lace scarf for mother's day. I'm really excited, but I'm such a perfectionist and so obsessive I'm afraid to venture into that scary laceland.

I am so in love with this play I'm performing in. I haven't been this excited about a play in a long time, my love for acting is blossoming again outside the tyrannical rule of my asshat teacher/directer. DIE, jerk.


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