Little Bitty Knitty

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Usually, I enjoy being home alone. I'm quite the introverted homebody, really. I like to sit by myself with TV, yarn, books, and sushi. (And the cat, obviously.)

But here's what I've learned: yes, I like to be left alone, but there really needs to be someone else in the house who just doesn't talk to me. I need a presence.

My parents have taken my sister and her boyfriend skiing this weekend (I don't get to go because I'm the unloved child), and so I am holding down the fort alone. It's cold. Dark. Quiet. The sushi is all wrong with some icky horseradish in it, the cat is refusing to cuddle, all my projects are bugging me at the moment, and I really should just be working on that damn essay.

I'm lonely. Save me.


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