Little Bitty Knitty

Thursday, January 19, 2006

T-15 hours.

I need to be in school in 15 hours.

Take away 20 minutes to drive there.

Take away approx. 8 hours to sleep (I love my sleep).

Take away approx. 1 hour to shower, beautify (HAH, on a finals day??), and eat breakfast.

Take away 1 hour to finish reading Yarn Harlot (I'm on to November of 2005).

That leaves me...

4 hours, 40 minutes to write a 10 page paper. I should probably start.


(P.S. The cat loves me so much that he's been sitting in various places in the office where I'm working, usually right behind the computer, since I got home at 1:00. I feel adored.)


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