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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So, upon closer inspection, the one ball of KSAR from In Stitches definately looks a teensy bit darker than the 3 balls from BB's. Shit. I guess I'll go buy more from BB's, and then the extra ball will go into the stash (or become wrist warmers). I just hope they still have the same dye lot at BB's! Ahhh. Frustrating. I think I should swatch the yarn. Not because I need to, but because I CAN (Stephanie at YarnHarlot says it's training!) and I should do something else besides just sit and fondle the pretty yarn. It freaks out the cat.

So I bought Patons Canadiana for the third panta (my friend wanted green, just like the second one, but I wanted to try a different yarn). I also grabbed stitch holders for when I start the clapotis, and then impulsively bought a ball of Karaoke soy silk/wool yarn in the mermaid colorway. Super pretty.

So tomorrow I'll go to BB's to buy more yarn for the Irish Hiking Scarf, and you KNOW I can't just buy one kind of yarn! I have one skein of Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky, and I found a pattern that uses two to make a cabled purse, so I might do that. It's ivory, how many varying shades of ivory can there be? I hope!

I've been browsing eBay for good yarn deals. I'm sick.


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