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Friday, January 27, 2006

So that paper I wrote, quite at the last minute, has yet to be returned to me. This infuriates me, as that little stupid paper will determine whether or not I have straight As for the first (and last possible, really) time in high school. And that determines whether or not my first choice college accepts me, and obviously whether I have a fufilling life, and really, whether or not I die an unhappy person.

Geeze. That paper holds a lot of weight. And I was supposed to get it back today, but noooo. Shoot me NOW.

In knitting news, Panta: Part Deux is almost finished, and will be atop the carrot colored head of Z by Monday morning. Ten dollars will slip into my nearly empty wallet, and Taylor will be pleased.

I can't wait to start my Irish Hiking Scarf! I'm all giddy about the Knitting Olympics. I hope that's not too sad.

I'm going to cast on for leg warmers tonight, from this kit I bought for like 10 bucks at Target. They are sparkly and purple (or will be, right now they are just yarn.)

I keep postponing the blanket. I'm only about 50% (maybe less) done. It bores me. It will become my main focus post-panta. (Which means it becomes my TV knitting. It's fun to knit while watching Project Runway, I have to say.)


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