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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So, I started the new panta (with the same yarn in a different color, yay for LYS sales). It's going well. I think there might be a glitch in the pattern, cause the same weird stitch thing is happening with the first section, but ah well. It's looking good.

Except the damn skein fell apart and now is in one huge knot. Boo.

I'll work on it all afternoon, but tonight I have my first rehearsal for the new play I'm in, Anatomy of Gray (no, not Grey's Anatomy). I'm excited for it, it'll be my first professional acting experience in a couple of years.

Oooh. Prettiness.

Left is Sirdar Snowflake chunky (you can't tell since it was bright outside, but it's blue with pink, yellow, purple and white dots) that's going to be the middle stripe of the BooBoo blanket. (Yes, I named it.) The bottom is the new Debbie Bliss alpaca silk for the panta, it's actuall a richer, plummy purple. Top is the two skeins of sexy yarn (aka Muench Touch Me) that will become the hottest scarf ever, right is some red stuff I picked up at Michael's that has no project attached to it yet.

I've piled my yarn stash into these plastic drawer things under my bed. It's so beautiful... :)


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