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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My stash continues to grow.

See, here is my problem. I don't plan projects, then buy yarn accordingly. No, I buy yarn, then try to find a project that fits it.

So yesterday I make a vogage to "In Stitches", the yarn store right down town I never knew existed. I did manage to restrain myself, but I was thrilled to know they carry both Brown Sheep and Cascade (two things the other in town store does not). They had a wide variety of brands and many cheaper yarns than BB's, but within their specific brands the color selection was not all that great. HOWEVER, they sell my fave bamboo needles for like a dollar cheaper. Sweetums, snookums.

I left with only two skeins, and US6 needles. Aren't you proud? I purchased the green yarn for my friend's requested panta (Encore), and a skein of Bouton D'Or KSAR in Camel. Seeing as it's 50% baby camel hair and 50% wool, I thought that was a fitting color. It is orgasm yarn. Ridiculously soft. However, I read the wrong price, so I was rather astonished to learn I was purchasing a 15 dollar skein. Ah well. You live you learn. (What, say I'm not going to buy the orgasm yarn? Ridiculous!)

Today as I'm waiting for mi madre to join me for a pedicure/manicure date, I wandered over to BB's Knits, still my love and life. I feel like heaven when I go into that store. It just...smells good. And the colors! The cornucopia of colors!

I left with two items from the sale bin, Debbie Blish cashmerino superchunky in an ivory color, and Sirdar Snowflake in white (I love that yarn. Tis a bitch to work with though).

I am now planning projects. The Bouton D'Or yarn will be multiplied via the Internet (where yarn is much cheaper), and will become a glorious Irish Hiking Scarf (once I learn how to cable). The Snowflake shall become a fuzzy snow like hat (my first!). And the other panta. And that Sex Yarn aka the Touch Me needs to become's calling my name...

I've spent the entire day reading Yarn Harlot from the beginning. That's about two years of brilliant hilarity. I wish she was my mom. Heh.


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