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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I'm still reading Yarn Harlot. Beginning to end. Seriously, folks, that woman is Queen of the World.

Would you like to know what I SHOULD be doing instead of reading knitting blogs and molesting the skein of yarn next to me?

1) Finish the last 135 pages of Madam Bovary and compose a 10 (minimum) page analytical and biographical book report. Ostensibly by tomorrow, most likely by Friday.

2) Study for my cumulative Statistics final. (But considering this semester on 5/6 tests I apparently recieved the high score, I'm not so stressed.)

3) Read the three chapters in my government book that I'm being tested on Friday. (I'm actually totally fascinated by goverment, and we're learning about the judicial system and civil liberties and such, which is cool.)

4) Memorize a monologue and a song pour theatre. Non. Je ne veux pas!

5) Clean my pit of a room.

6) Knit the damn purple panta.

But no, I'm reading about the Harlot's wacky shenanigans and listening to the recently purchased Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. (Recently as in five minutes ago. God bless iTunes.)


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