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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bentley likes blogging too.

He was very good with the knitting, my Bentley was. See, he bit through an electric cord about 8 months ago and electrocuted himself, so he was wary about long skinny biteable things for quite some time.

Not any more. Kitty molests the knitting.

So I have compiled a list of my knitting resolutions for this year, as I hope to progress beyond scarves or blankets in varying shapes and sizes. And one, always permanent, personal resolution.

Knitting Resolutions:

1. Make a damn panta that doesn't look like shit.
2. Mmm. Socks. Warm on my toesies.
3. Master those damn double point needles on my nightstand. This resolution should probably come before the socks.
4. Knit mi madre a beautiful lacy shawl...before Mother's Day.
5. Cabling.

A simple enough list, right? Mastering those five things will be infinately easier than:

Personal Resolution:

1. Lose weight.


My next project, however, after the Damn Panta and the baby blanket mi madre says I need to finish before the baby is not a baby anymore, is a ribbed scarf in Muench Touch Me. Mmm. Sexy yarn.


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