Little Bitty Knitty

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Someone, save me from myself? Please tell me that the beaufiful mermaid Karaoke yarn does NOT need to be made into a panta?

So, upon closer inspection, the one ball of KSAR from In Stitches definately looks a teensy bit darker than the 3 balls from BB's. Shit. I guess I'll go buy more from BB's, and then the extra ball will go into the stash (or become wrist warmers). I just hope they still have the same dye lot at BB's! Ahhh. Frustrating. I think I should swatch the yarn. Not because I need to, but because I CAN (Stephanie at YarnHarlot says it's training!) and I should do something else besides just sit and fondle the pretty yarn. It freaks out the cat.

So I bought Patons Canadiana for the third panta (my friend wanted green, just like the second one, but I wanted to try a different yarn). I also grabbed stitch holders for when I start the clapotis, and then impulsively bought a ball of Karaoke soy silk/wool yarn in the mermaid colorway. Super pretty.

So tomorrow I'll go to BB's to buy more yarn for the Irish Hiking Scarf, and you KNOW I can't just buy one kind of yarn! I have one skein of Debbie Bliss cashmerino superchunky, and I found a pattern that uses two to make a cabled purse, so I might do that. It's ivory, how many varying shades of ivory can there be? I hope!

I've been browsing eBay for good yarn deals. I'm sick.

I really did mean to work on the blanket today. I did.

But a friend put an order in for a panta.

What was I supposed to do?


Monday, January 30, 2006

Who got an A on her paper?


Who got straight As?


Take THAT, bitches.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The green panta!

Definately better than my first one. I think I'll actually follow the pattern next time and make it thicker.

I was outbid on eBay on a set of seven Debbie Bliss yarns. Boo on them! I'm not going to actually pay full price, that would be simply ludicrous.

Anyway, I am completely putting off the blanket. It must be finished a week from tomorow, but I haven't touched it. Nope nope nope.
The other two furry things in my house feel left out, as they have yet to be featured on the blog.

So tomorrow, I will introduce you to Zeus and Jolie. One is very big, one is very small.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

I have purchased! 10 skeins of discontinued Rowan All Seasons Cotton Melange in Peaches.

I bought it on eBay, where the color showed up more light pink, but on other sites it seemed more orangey-pink. Either way, my mom will like it.

Plus, I'll have a few extra balls over, for less than I would have paid otherwise! LOVE EBAY.

Panta, Junior is thisclosereally to being done. I have one more section to do, but the sun is gone for the day so a picture will come tomorrow.

I don't want to work on the boring blanket! So boring, really. And I fear I may end up having to buy another skein of the yarn, which would be depressing. It's so boring. I mean, I've now become much more interested in varying stitches and decreases and patterns, and this is just...garter. Boring.

I have spent all morning searching for a yarn substitute for Clapotis.

See, my mom (like me) can't wear mohair or angora, and I'm pretty sure she's anti-wool too. So I just want to make it in a cotton yarn, and since we live in Southern California she'll never really be in desperate need of a warmer wrap. I just don't want to buy the wrong yarn and have it turn out weird.

I'm thinking I'll do it in a solid color. Right now I know she has a black shawl, an ivory poncho thing, and a gold shawl. Maybe I'll do it in teal, she wears a lot of teal. Hm. (I just found Rowan All Seasons cotton in a discontinued peach color on sale. 'Tis pretty. Right gauge.)

Anywho! I plan to spend the day finishing the panta, since I won't have much time tomorrow. I neeeed to get to work on that damn baby blanket, but it irks me.

I saw "Walk The Line" last night. Great movie! Fantastic acting, wonderful all around.

In other news, I had a really weird dream that I absolutely can't remember. But when I do remember, I need to write it down.

Friday, January 27, 2006

So that paper I wrote, quite at the last minute, has yet to be returned to me. This infuriates me, as that little stupid paper will determine whether or not I have straight As for the first (and last possible, really) time in high school. And that determines whether or not my first choice college accepts me, and obviously whether I have a fufilling life, and really, whether or not I die an unhappy person.

Geeze. That paper holds a lot of weight. And I was supposed to get it back today, but noooo. Shoot me NOW.

In knitting news, Panta: Part Deux is almost finished, and will be atop the carrot colored head of Z by Monday morning. Ten dollars will slip into my nearly empty wallet, and Taylor will be pleased.

I can't wait to start my Irish Hiking Scarf! I'm all giddy about the Knitting Olympics. I hope that's not too sad.

I'm going to cast on for leg warmers tonight, from this kit I bought for like 10 bucks at Target. They are sparkly and purple (or will be, right now they are just yarn.)

I keep postponing the blanket. I'm only about 50% (maybe less) done. It bores me. It will become my main focus post-panta. (Which means it becomes my TV knitting. It's fun to knit while watching Project Runway, I have to say.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The camera cord has appeared! (Sometimes it is really frustrating to be a messy person. I'm such a contradiction. I am an anal-retentive obsessive slob. Huh. Freud would love me.)

So, picture day! Kind of like elementary school, where you all bring in photos for show and tell. I volunteered at a homework center for first and second graders today, at the same time I feel really old, "KIDS! Stop throwing the eraser!" and really really young. (Again, I should be studied.)

The panta in all its purpley glory.

The panta-in-progress for my friend Z (the cause of the busted needle).

The yarn accumulated in the past few days.

Almost all of it is bargain bin finds! In the middle is the yummy rust colored Debbie Bliss merino aran I bought today (50% off). And one more ball of the empire, unfortunately not in the same color. I also got another pair of size 5s, and US8 16' circulars.

And Bentry:

In other, non photographic news, after reading all through Yarn Harlot's blog, and finding out that her brilliant idea led to over $100,000 being donated to MSF, I had to contribute. I hope my small donation will help someone, somewhere, in someway.


Baby Blanket (Must be done by February, 6th, when mi madre's boss returns to work from maternity leave. Hah.)
Fuzzy Wuzzy Mint and Rose Scarf (Must be done by Valentine's Day, for a theoretical date with the boy.)
Green panta (Should be probably done by Monday, the second one is going much much faster, and I would like to get it to Z soon.)

Planned Projects:
Irish Hiking Scarf (and possibly arm warmers) for the Knitting Olympics! (I have 3 skeins from one store, 1 from another. Maybe I should by one more skein at each place and make the armwarmers and scarf out of yarn from seperate stores, just in case they aren't the same dye lot.)
Another panta for J in my Latin class, who complimented me on mine and offered to pay.
Coronet hat from Knitty (I've got the yarn, I bought the circulars...eek. I fear the round.)
Clapotis for my mom for Mother's Day (Yes, it's not lace, and the entire world has probably knitted Clapotis for their mom, but I think it's cute and it'll be a challenge.)
Socks for my Dad's 51st birthday. (In June. I plan ahead.)

Well I'm off to rehearsal. We might block my death scene tonight. Awesome.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I just snapped my US5 bamboo needle.

Snapped it right in two.

Wah. I'm too hard on them. My poor babies.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Yay for a finished panta!

I'll post a picture as soon as I can find my camera cord. It's around here somewhere.

I immediately cast on for Panta: The Sequel, green Plymouth Yarn Encore.

I woke up last night with Bentley on my chest. Bentley is not a small cat. Bentley is...well...this:

Saturday, January 21, 2006

The panta is thisclose to being done. I'll certainly have it on my head by tomorrow morning!

Kitty Bentley (aka Benjamin, Bentry, BenBen, or McPiddles, whatever I feel like calling him at the time) has bitten through the yarn TWICE. He can't control himself. He needs yarn rehab.

Or maybe it is me that needs yarn rehab. I went to BB's today and it turns out they DO carry Bouton D'Or, for a dollar less. Grr. I bought 3 skeins of that, but I can't really tell if its the same dye lot. It looks the same to me...

Okay, so for awhile in the sale bin were skeins of Filatura di Crosa Empire yarn. I almost bought it every single time I was in there, but always changed my mind. I finally buy their last two skeins today, and it turns out I looooove it. And it's discontinued. I will cry.

I'm attempting to knit it into Coronet from Knitty. I've started over three times. This whole cabling for the Knitting Olympics is going to be quite stressful.

Friday, January 20, 2006

'Twas on a lofty vase's side,
Where China's gayest art had dy'd
The azure flow'rs that blow;
Demurest of the tabby kind,
The pensive Selima, reclin'd,
Gazed on the lake below.

Her conscious tail her joy declar'd;
The fair round face, the snowy beard,
The velvet of her paws,
Her coat, that with the tortoise vies,
Her ears of jet, and emerald eyes,
She saw: and purr'd applause.

Still had she gaz'd; but 'midst the tide
Two angel forms were seen to glide,
The Genii of the stream;
Their scaly armour's Tyrian hue
Thro' richest purple to the view
Betray'd a golden gleam.

The hapless Nymph with wonder saw:
A whisker first and then a claw,
With many an ardent wish,
She stretch'd in vain to reach the prize.
What female heart can gold despise?
What cat's averse to fish?

Presumptuous Maid! with looks intent
Again she stretch'd, again she bent,
Nor knew the gulf between.
(Malignant Fate sat by, and smil'd)
The slipp'ry verge her feet beguil'd,
She tumbled headlong in.

Eight times emerging from the flood
She mew'd to ev'ry wat'ry god,
Some speedy aid to send.
No Dolphin came, no Nereid stirr'd;
Nor cruel Tom, nor Susan heard.
A Fav'rite has no friend!

From hence, ye Beauties, undeceiv'd,
Know, one false step is ne'er retriev'd,
And be with caution bold.
Not all that tempts your wand'ring eyes
And heedless hearts is lawful prize,
Nor all, that glisters, gold.

by Thomas Gray

Thursday, January 19, 2006

T-15 hours.

I need to be in school in 15 hours.

Take away 20 minutes to drive there.

Take away approx. 8 hours to sleep (I love my sleep).

Take away approx. 1 hour to shower, beautify (HAH, on a finals day??), and eat breakfast.

Take away 1 hour to finish reading Yarn Harlot (I'm on to November of 2005).

That leaves me...

4 hours, 40 minutes to write a 10 page paper. I should probably start.


(P.S. The cat loves me so much that he's been sitting in various places in the office where I'm working, usually right behind the computer, since I got home at 1:00. I feel adored.)

So I joined the Harlot's Knitting Olympics.

Eeek. An Irish Hiking Scarf in 16 days? Someone save me!

I've been researching (Found the KAL!). And pondering the pricey-ness of the yummy Bouton D'Or. But...I love to sit and fondle it. SO I am indeed going to use it (perhaps even knit matching wristwarmers!) and call it a birthday present to myself.

I turn 18 on March 14th. I think I can spend 70 dollars on one project for that.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Usually, I enjoy being home alone. I'm quite the introverted homebody, really. I like to sit by myself with TV, yarn, books, and sushi. (And the cat, obviously.)

But here's what I've learned: yes, I like to be left alone, but there really needs to be someone else in the house who just doesn't talk to me. I need a presence.

My parents have taken my sister and her boyfriend skiing this weekend (I don't get to go because I'm the unloved child), and so I am holding down the fort alone. It's cold. Dark. Quiet. The sushi is all wrong with some icky horseradish in it, the cat is refusing to cuddle, all my projects are bugging me at the moment, and I really should just be working on that damn essay.

I'm lonely. Save me.

I'm still reading Yarn Harlot. Beginning to end. Seriously, folks, that woman is Queen of the World.

Would you like to know what I SHOULD be doing instead of reading knitting blogs and molesting the skein of yarn next to me?

1) Finish the last 135 pages of Madam Bovary and compose a 10 (minimum) page analytical and biographical book report. Ostensibly by tomorrow, most likely by Friday.

2) Study for my cumulative Statistics final. (But considering this semester on 5/6 tests I apparently recieved the high score, I'm not so stressed.)

3) Read the three chapters in my government book that I'm being tested on Friday. (I'm actually totally fascinated by goverment, and we're learning about the judicial system and civil liberties and such, which is cool.)

4) Memorize a monologue and a song pour theatre. Non. Je ne veux pas!

5) Clean my pit of a room.

6) Knit the damn purple panta.

But no, I'm reading about the Harlot's wacky shenanigans and listening to the recently purchased Brokeback Mountain soundtrack. (Recently as in five minutes ago. God bless iTunes.)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My stash continues to grow.

See, here is my problem. I don't plan projects, then buy yarn accordingly. No, I buy yarn, then try to find a project that fits it.

So yesterday I make a vogage to "In Stitches", the yarn store right down town I never knew existed. I did manage to restrain myself, but I was thrilled to know they carry both Brown Sheep and Cascade (two things the other in town store does not). They had a wide variety of brands and many cheaper yarns than BB's, but within their specific brands the color selection was not all that great. HOWEVER, they sell my fave bamboo needles for like a dollar cheaper. Sweetums, snookums.

I left with only two skeins, and US6 needles. Aren't you proud? I purchased the green yarn for my friend's requested panta (Encore), and a skein of Bouton D'Or KSAR in Camel. Seeing as it's 50% baby camel hair and 50% wool, I thought that was a fitting color. It is orgasm yarn. Ridiculously soft. However, I read the wrong price, so I was rather astonished to learn I was purchasing a 15 dollar skein. Ah well. You live you learn. (What, say I'm not going to buy the orgasm yarn? Ridiculous!)

Today as I'm waiting for mi madre to join me for a pedicure/manicure date, I wandered over to BB's Knits, still my love and life. I feel like heaven when I go into that store. It just...smells good. And the colors! The cornucopia of colors!

I left with two items from the sale bin, Debbie Blish cashmerino superchunky in an ivory color, and Sirdar Snowflake in white (I love that yarn. Tis a bitch to work with though).

I am now planning projects. The Bouton D'Or yarn will be multiplied via the Internet (where yarn is much cheaper), and will become a glorious Irish Hiking Scarf (once I learn how to cable). The Snowflake shall become a fuzzy snow like hat (my first!). And the other panta. And that Sex Yarn aka the Touch Me needs to become's calling my name...

I've spent the entire day reading Yarn Harlot from the beginning. That's about two years of brilliant hilarity. I wish she was my mom. Heh.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Another project currently on the needles:

Strangely striped scarf in GGH pink and green. It's strangely striped because I cast on and started knitting mindlessly one night and didn't count rows, and as an OCD perfectionist I refuse to try and make the stripes the same length if it won't be perfect. Thus, the stripes will all be weird sizes. This is my plan.

So that's...3 projects. Scarf, blanket, panta. I would have been finished with the goddamn panta by now if I had actually been KNITTING the entire time I've been working on it. But oh, no, I've been detangling. Bitches.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

So I'm walking down a street, hand in hand with my boyfriend after a lovely date, and BAM:

I stumble across a yarn store. I had no idea it was there. It was like heaven opened up and dropped this beautiful place in front of me.

Sigh. I'm going on Monday.

I have a college interview today. I'm nervous, it's where I really really really want to go.

I'm slowly chipping away at both the panta and the baby blanket (which really should be worked on first, but straight garter is so boring). But now I've been commissioned by a friend to make her a panta in dark green, so I might experiment with a non-Debbie yarn for that. Maybe Cascade. We'll see.

I'm off to prettify and put on business-like clothes!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Why does yarn hate me? Why is all the Debbie Bliss yarn for my panta in a big fat freaking knot? Life sucks.

I have now become obsessed with the Irish Hiking Scarf. Guess that'll be the way I learn to cable. I'll experiment with cheap yarn, and once I get uber-good I am so making one in cashmere. Yum.

I really do want to make my mom a lace scarf for mother's day. I'm really excited, but I'm such a perfectionist and so obsessive I'm afraid to venture into that scary laceland.

I am so in love with this play I'm performing in. I haven't been this excited about a play in a long time, my love for acting is blossoming again outside the tyrannical rule of my asshat teacher/directer. DIE, jerk.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

So, I started the new panta (with the same yarn in a different color, yay for LYS sales). It's going well. I think there might be a glitch in the pattern, cause the same weird stitch thing is happening with the first section, but ah well. It's looking good.

Except the damn skein fell apart and now is in one huge knot. Boo.

I'll work on it all afternoon, but tonight I have my first rehearsal for the new play I'm in, Anatomy of Gray (no, not Grey's Anatomy). I'm excited for it, it'll be my first professional acting experience in a couple of years.

Oooh. Prettiness.

Left is Sirdar Snowflake chunky (you can't tell since it was bright outside, but it's blue with pink, yellow, purple and white dots) that's going to be the middle stripe of the BooBoo blanket. (Yes, I named it.) The bottom is the new Debbie Bliss alpaca silk for the panta, it's actuall a richer, plummy purple. Top is the two skeins of sexy yarn (aka Muench Touch Me) that will become the hottest scarf ever, right is some red stuff I picked up at Michael's that has no project attached to it yet.

I've piled my yarn stash into these plastic drawer things under my bed. It's so beautiful... :)

Monday, January 09, 2006

Bentley likes blogging too.

He was very good with the knitting, my Bentley was. See, he bit through an electric cord about 8 months ago and electrocuted himself, so he was wary about long skinny biteable things for quite some time.

Not any more. Kitty molests the knitting.

So I have compiled a list of my knitting resolutions for this year, as I hope to progress beyond scarves or blankets in varying shapes and sizes. And one, always permanent, personal resolution.

Knitting Resolutions:

1. Make a damn panta that doesn't look like shit.
2. Mmm. Socks. Warm on my toesies.
3. Master those damn double point needles on my nightstand. This resolution should probably come before the socks.
4. Knit mi madre a beautiful lacy shawl...before Mother's Day.
5. Cabling.

A simple enough list, right? Mastering those five things will be infinately easier than:

Personal Resolution:

1. Lose weight.


My next project, however, after the Damn Panta and the baby blanket mi madre says I need to finish before the baby is not a baby anymore, is a ribbed scarf in Muench Touch Me. Mmm. Sexy yarn.

I like to jump on the bandwagon. It's the curse of insecurity.

I'd also like to prove to myself that I can actually stick with something for more than five days.

Thus: A knitblog.

Me likey knitting. Me likey knitblogs. Why not write my own?

I'm a relatively new knitter (only about six months on the needle). I've only recently begun to branch out from the large, rectangular, garter stitch knitting (aka scarves, afghans, and an iPod cozy). But I have a very addictive personality, and these addictions last me for a lifetime. Why, yes, I'm still obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fine, okay, that favorite book of mine from elementary school, I still read it monthly. And, yes, there is a poster of my first true love on my wall: John Travolta.

I've currently got only 3 projects on the needle. A baby blanket in lemon/white Sirdar Snowflake Chunky Magic (for mi madre's boss), a supersoft scarf in GGH Esprit (purty pink and green stripes).......and....a panta.

The panta is super cute. The panta is super awesome. My panta? Is kicking my ass.

This is my first attempt at purling, increasing, decreasing. Pretty much my first attempt at actual knitting outside of garterstitch square.

I've started over three times. And it's riddled with flaws. As a perfectionist, this stupid panta is driving me batty. Why is it curling? Why did I split the yarn? WHY DO I SUCK?

I'll finish it, I will. And then I will burn it and knit a better one.